Jesus the Preacher

From three years ago, a prayer in response to Luke 4.14-30:

When you preached favor for “us,” we spoke well of you. But when you preached favor for “them,” we were ready to throw you off a cliff. What did you feel when you saw that kind of hatred and anger in our faces? What was there to be done, but to leave or die? I’ve heard a pastor must always be ready to preach, pray, or die. I’m ready to preach, to proclaim the year of the Lord’s favor, to cast out the Satan, to heal the eyes of the blind with the light of the gospel. And I’m ready to pray–for justice to roll down like mighty waters, for a reign of righteousness to pour out on the earth. And I’m ready to die. If someone must die so that peace will come, I offer my life. Spend it in the service of your kingdom.