Rob Bell Is Emerging

Rob Bell Is Emerging

This past weekend we went to Nashville to visit our good friends the Shives, and Ben let us listen to some tracks from his upcoming album Cymbal Crashing Clouds. Well, it must have made its into my subconscious pretty deeply, because shortly before waking the next morning I heard a song in my sleep that Ben was singing. It wasn’t a full song, just a repeating line for the chorus:

“Rob Bell is emerging…. Rob Bell is emerging….”

I woke up and sang it for Ben at the breakfast table, and he thought the tune was borrowed from The Neverending Story theme song. There is a similarity, but I maintain that I did not sleep-plagiarize.

Immediately I knew that this song had to be written–that it has perhaps been given to me by God for such a time as this. The video will have Rob Bell’s head emerging eerily from different creative (but not crude) places. The verses will be about random things completely unrelated to Rob Bell and the latest controversy about him, his book Love Wins.

Here’s the problem, and why I need your help: I have given up joking for Lent, but this idea is hilarious. A good percentage of the hilarity is a direct result of my impeccable comic timing, even in my sleep. If I wait until Lent ends, the fire will have cooled a bit around Rob’s book. There won’t be enough energy left to generate the kind of interest in this song that we saw with “Bed Intruder.” If this song doesn’t get written, I won’t be able to scratch “Become a passing cultural footnote” off my bucket list.

So you have to write verses for this song. Just post them as comments. I can’t promise that I will share the royalties with you, but perhaps a percentage of the t-shirt sales. Well, maybe the bumper stickers. I think the t-shirt sales are going to blow up.

A little inspiration….