A Random List

1. I am excited about Ben Shive’s new album coming out soon. Like maybe within a week, for the Kickstarter crew. Little known fact: I was the original drummer in the Ben Shive Circus, as it was originally called. I had only one arm, and it poked out of a sleeveless t-shirt and slashed through thick fog as we played his chart-topper “Pour Some Sugar on Me.” Since then, I got an arm, sleeveless t-shirts rode the mullet’s coattails into the New South, and Ben has not had any sugar poured on him. We all have to grow up.

2. We will soon be the proud owners of a rabbit. This rabbit is furrier than the Volkswagon version, but has about as much horsepower. Eden just turned three, and her grandparents are bringing her a bunny. They raise rabbits. Because rabbits are so deliciously cute.

2b. I had never eaten rabbit meat before last summer, so when we were visiting Steph’s family, out of the freezer came a couple ziplock bags. Actually, the meat tasted very good (rabbits are deliciously cute, if you’ll remember). The most difficult part was when Eden kept asking what we were eating (the inclusive ‘we’–as in, she wanted to know what she was eating). So I kept telling her, “Well, it’s like chicken,” not wanting to traumatize her because of her fondness for bunnies. “It’s chicken?” she would ask. “Um, sort of.” And so the conversation cycled, around and around, like a Ben Shive song on repeat, until I had to tell her the truth: “You know Maca?” [the name she gave her grandmother] “Maca kills bunnies.”

"Sleep with one eye open"

3. I have such long delays between blog posts because I always wrestle with exactly when it will be the right time to turn this thing into a mommy blog. And I’ve got a backlog of stuff to post when that time comes!

3b. No I don’t.

4. Stephanie wants an iPod touch for her birthday, but she’s not going to get it. Please don’t tell her; it will ruin the surprise, and then I won’t get the picture I keep trying for every year.

5. The heat index here in the St. Louis area has been near or above 100 for almost a month now. Another way of looking at it: We’ve been in the hot tub way past the recommended time limit of 15 minutes. I generally like hot tubs, but I think I’m ready to get out. Fun fact: Anytime I’m in a hot tub and another guys gets in, I like to call it “Man Soup.” Because I’m a moron.